Order System, Price, Payments & other private policies


1. Download your Favorite sweet box design samples.
2. All downloaded Design samples send us our mail Ids.
3. If you can not make order by mail than call us on  Mobile No.
4. If your are order sweet box designs by mobile than follow these instructions :
* Save your favorite sweet box designs in your system hard drive.
* Save images display by a unique Name on your hard drive.
* Design name send us by sms.
Mobile No. +91 9837262506, +91 7906062289
Nemi Chandra verma-Director  

Design Price :

All designs have two category :
1. General Category
2. Ownership Category

General Category Price

1. General Category Price Rs. 1000/- (INR) per Design
(this category only for India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Shrilanka and Pakistan)
2. General category designs size maximum 10.5"X14.5" (compatible for all printing Technology and high resolution)

Note : 1. All General category designs are royalty free. 
          2. Minimum 2 Designs (Rs. 1800.00) INR order accepted.

Ownership Category and other Countries Price

1. Ownership Category Price Rs. 3000/- (INR)  per Design (Transaction charges as applicable )
2. Ownership Category Price in other countries $ 100/- ( Only USD ) (Transaction charges as applicable ) per Design.
3. After owned sweet box design could be patent or copyright by buyers. 
4. Ownership category designs completely prepared by our team for printing solutions or as buyers requirement sizes (1kg, half kg and 250gms top and bottom system) 
Note : all Ownership category designs are royalty free.

Wedding Gift Pack Designs 
1. Gift Pack Design Price Rs 2500.00 (INR) per design  in India. 
1. Gift Pack Design Price Rs 3500.00 (INR) per design all Other Countries.


(special offers only for India)

OFFER-1 : Rs. 400/- Design

3 SWEET BOX DESIGNS (INR) Rs. : 1200.00

OFFER-2 : Rs. 360/- Design

5 SWEET BOX DESIGNS (INR) Rs. : 1800.00

OFFER-3 : Rs. 340/- Design

10 SWEET BOX DESIGNS (INR) Rs. : 3400.00

OFFER-4 : Rs. 320/- Design

20 SWEET BOX DESIGNS (INR) Rs. : 6400.00 )

OFFER-5 : Rs. 300/- Designs

40 SWEET BOX DESIGNS (INR) Rs. : 12000.00


Payment System : 

Our Banks :

State Bank of India (Vrindavan Gate, Mathura branch )
Account Type : Saving Account
Address : Vrindavan Gate, Mandi Ramdas, Mathura (U.P.) India
Account holder : Narendra and Nemi Chandra Verma
Account No. : 10501125596
IFS Code : SBIN0002503

IDBI Bank (Bhuteshwar Road, Mathura Branch)
Account Type : Current Account
Address :Ambey Crown, Opposite B.S.A. College, Bhuteshwar Road, Mathura,  U.P. ) Pin-281001
Account Holder : M/s Gayatri Art & Illustration 
Account No. : 274102000001236
IFS Code : IBKL0000274

Quality Assurance :  

2. All designs are editable-customizable. 
3. All designs are available in three formats : 1. CDR (Corel Draw), 2. AI (Adobe  Illustrator), 3. PSD (Adobe Photoshop)

Note : Corel Draw X7 (cdr) is property of Corel Corporation and Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is property of  Adobe Systems Incorporated

Private Policies :
1. All sweets photography is not the part of sweet box design, sweet photography is available only for display purpose, if any person or firm purchase sweet box designs than must change sweet photography before printing or processing sweet box designs, some sweet photography should be copyright or prohibited for printing or displaying on the sweet box.
2. all judicial problems solution in Mathura judicial region.
3. * Maximum designs send in a month period 35.  6 month duration total designs 100 only.
4. In the Special offer ordered files must be choose at one time and mail all files all together on our e-mail id.
5. Special offer only for sweet box designs.
6. Gift-Pack Designs, Ready made garments, sarees boxes designs and Gazak designs are not include in special offer.